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We are so lucky to have found Le Donna. My older son was a life-long mouth breather, and for years he had many mysterious respiratory related problems. We had no idea that mouth-breathing was a concern, and incredibly none of the many general practitioners or ENT doctors we saw over the years ever asked about this either. His nose was always stuffy, he had terrible allergies, big black rings under his eyes, occasional asthma, and some random illness was always cropping up. 

Through tons of research and a tip from a doctor friend I learned that mouth-breathing was a real issue, and that’s how we eventually found Le Donna.  She made a very extensive, multi-stage plan of action for us to help retrain my son how to breathe properly so that he could finally thrive. We have learned so much from her extensive knowledge and the changes in my son have been nothing short of miraculous. He rarely ever gets sick, his nose has mostly cleared up, and his entire face changed in response to the training. He looks stronger and he has more confidence. Before he always looked sickly, but now he’s finally looking healthy. Le Donna's practice is on the cutting edge and we are grateful we have had the opportunity to work with her!

Misha Blaise

Le Donna has completely taken our office and helped create a protocol from the ground up! Great educator and communicator! Would highly recommend using her for any of your office needs.

Hollan Van Horn Clark

Le Donna has helped our office so much! She has created a plan for us and our patients making us a better office as a whole.

Melissa Dryman

Life Changing
I started seeing Le Donna for myofunctional therapy after years and years of dental and orthodontic work. I was a chronic tongue thruster & constantly sucked on my tongue since I was a child (20+ years). I was desperate and had tried everything. Before I was ready for jaw surgery, I told the surgeon I needed to stop sucking on my tongue asap. Le Donna worked with me and my bad habits & changed my life for the better!! Myofunctional therapy helped with my tongue strength, holding my tongue in the right spot, jaw pain, breathing habits, mental health, and overall bodily function. The tongue being in the correct spot affects so much more than I ever knew!

Jenna B

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